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PSIA lauds 2019 World Food Prize Laureate Simon Groot

The Philippine Seed Industry Association (PSIA) congratulates Simon Groot for receiving the prestigious World Food Price 2019. We share the same admiration for Mr. Groot and his work as a seedsman that have transformed the lives of millions of smallholder farmers, and the revolutionized the vegetables industry in the Philippines and in more than 60 Countries worldwide. Mr. Groot and his company , East-West Seed, introduced commercial vegetables breeding in Southeast Asia and develop localized hybrids and improved more varieties that allow farmer to increase their yield and income. This has unlocked the potential of smallholder farmers to become agri-entrepreneurs. His pioneering work in seed development has also improved the accessibility and affordability of nutritious and high-quality vegetables to millions of consumers. It is interesting to note that Mr. Groot met his East-West Seeds Philippines co-founder Benito M. Domingo in a meeting organized by the PSIA in the early 80's. Mr. Domingo was then president of the PSIA. PSIA is honored to have been given the privilege to be part of Mr. Groot's mission to improve the lives of the Filipino farmer's with high-quality seeds.


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