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Webinar raises PVP awareness amongst Thai and Filipino seed associations

APSA, in collaboration with Naktuinbouw & UPOV, on October 8, 2021 organized a PVP Toolbox workshop-webinar for members of the Thai Seed Trade Association (THASTA) and the Philippine Seed Industry Association (PSIA). The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness on the plant variety protection, and specifically plant breeders‘ rights under the UPOV1991 convention, as well as on the commercialization of new developed plant varieties for all value chain actors (breeders, seed producers, sales, and regulatory affairs) related to PVP application and commercialization of the new developed variety. The workshop was attended by 25 participants from the two associations participating directly, in addition to about 200 viewers watching live. To see recordings of the webinar/workshop click here.


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