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Don’t be a victim! Say no to scam!

To our dearest customers,

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the continuous support and trust that you have given our company.

Recently it was brought to our attention that fake packaging and unauthorized repack of our products specifically RED LADY PAPAYA are being sold and advertised in different Facebook online selling pages.

Fakes or unauthorized repacks with our seeds are very difficult to distinguish from our genuine products. They are being sold in combos for "free fertilizers" but price are way too much higher. Photos, labels and identification on them are ingeniously copied too. It has been reported to us that these pages that are selling the fakes/repacks pretend to be authorized distributors.

The fakes could be F2 or nth generation seeds being sold by them are of poor quality and low yielding which can affect your profitability. Your product quality and reliability will be severely affected if you use these. Known You Seed Philippines Inc. is not liable or responsible whatsoever for the problems attributed to these fakes purchases.

To avoid any problems, please only purchase Known You products from our subsidiaries or authorized dealers and distributors, check the original label and packaging or send us inquiry/orders directly at

If you have any doubts when buying the products, please contact our sales department directly. You can also report to us suspicious pages or sellers that offers unauthorized repacks of our seeds. Please call or text Globe 0917-320-1689 or Smart 0998-068-0630.


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